11. 8. 2019

Written about us in the weekly FARMER: “Complete line for own sowing seed production”

In the weekly of FARMER in the Region, South Bohemian Region, was published reportage from the Agricultural Cooperative Krasna Hora nad Vltavou, a.s., for which the company JK Machinery, s.r.o. has supplied a line for the production of farmed sowing seed.

Agricultural Cooperative Krásná Hora nad Vltavou, a.s. farms on the border of South Bohemia and Central Bohemia and focus on crop and livestock production. It decided to produce its own farm seed. In the article, Ing. Kateřina Pazderková from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague mention the importance of advanced technology, which enables companies to produce high-quality seeds in terms of purity and germination.

Cleaning line for farm seed production was built on a farm in Petrovice in 2018. The line output performance was designed for two to three tons of seed per hour. Initially, facility was designed for cleaning seeds of winter wheat and winter barley, other crops were gradually added (peas, lupine, lacy phacelia, naked oats or clover, spring barley). JK Machinery supplied the machinery, project documentation for the whole line, drawings of steel platforms and electrical project. Also participated in the commissioning and continuous assembly inspections. Line for the production of farmed sowing seed consists of cleaner VibroCompact JCC 08 with aspiration with pre-cleaner JAC 03, trier JCT 615R and seed treater OM ST 4 for wet treatment. Material transport is provided by EK 7 bucket elevators, which are designed to be completely cleaned when is the cleaned material changed, thus avoiding contamination of the material to be cleaned.

The farm manager Ing. Marcel Herout, Ph.D., see benefit not only in financial savings for the company, but also in seed quality and time flexibility.

Download PDF of full article in czech language here.