JCR Air-sieve Classifiers

JCR Air-sieve Classifiers

JCR Air-sieve Classifiers cleans and classifies material on sieves, using the air coming through sieves. Heavy particles come through sieves and low density particles are lifted and comes along the sieve together with bigger particles.

Machine is driven by pair of vibromotors. Machine in basic configuration has sieve box equipped with 2 sieve decks, each deck has 3 sieves. Such arrangement of sieves enables sorting of product to three sieves throughs and two oversize flows. Sieves are cleaned by flexible balls. Quantity of air coming through each sieve is finely adjustable. Ample selection of sieves acc. to sorted product as well as precise control of coming through air ensures perfect sorting acc. to size and partially acc. to specific weight of particles. The final product is usually cleaned to purity above 99,5 %. Inclination of sieve box (product flow speed) is adjustable. Thanks to a special lifting device, sieves are easily replaceable. Machine is aspirated by radial fan (JVR). Aspirated air should be cleaned by cyclone separator or by filter. Usability of each fraction depends on quality of material to be cleaned and on sieves selection and amount of air flow.

Crops processed on JCR Air-sieve Classifier should be properly precleaned to achieve as good cleaning results as possible. For cleaning of small seeds and sowing seed it is recommended to complete JCR Classifier with JGT Gravity Table.


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  • Gentle to cleaned material
  • Easy cleaning of the whole machine
  • Small dimensions and compact arrangement
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy and quick changing of sieves
  • Sorting and cleaning machine in small seed cleaning lines
  • Sorting machine in de-hulling lines
  • Semolina purifier in flour mills
  • Sorting machine in lines for milling of wholemeal flours
  • Cleaning and sorting machine for cleaning of seeds for sowing, incl. calibration
  • Sorting and cleaning of technical materials, such as various plastics, crushed rubber, milled presswork, etc.
Product line JCR 05 08
Wheat - Standard Cleaning t/h 1,0-2,0 4,0-6,0
Wheat - Sowing seeds t/h 0,4-1,0 1,0-3,0
Small seeds t/h 0,15-0,8 0,6-3,0
Wholemeal flour t/h 0,2-0,4 0,4-0,8
Coarse semolina t/h 0,4-1,0 0,8-2,0
Length mm 2000 2620
Width mm 960 1265
Height mm 1770 1950
Rough sieve area 1,2 2,8
Input Power kW 0,5 0,5
Air fan input power kW 4,0 7,5
Weight kg 395 590
Capacity parameters of the machines are informative, vary acc. to kind, quality, humidity and inpurities content of processed product.
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