JGC Gravity Concentrators

JGC Gravity Concentrators

JGC Concentrators are designed to divide base material flow into two fraction – light and heavy. Machines are used in processing plants such as sowing seed cleaners, flour mills, oat mills, dehulling plants etc.

Sorted material is fed to inclined sieve, where fluidized bed is made by vibrations and passing air flow, leading to stratification of cleaned materials light on top and heavy in the bottom. Lighter material flows down the sieve, due to vibrations of sieve, heavier material gets upward on the sieve.

Single fractions fall through flaps into outlet funnel. According to input material, it is possible to adjust sieve inclination, amplitude of vibration, angle of particles throw and amount of exhaust air. Machine is also capable to remove impurities with a slightly different bulk density.

Aspirated air should be cleaned by cyclone separator or by filter.


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  • High efficiency
  • Small dimensions and compact construction
  • Easy installation, commissioning and operation
  • Minimal maintenance requirement
  • Easy adjustment of working parameters
  • Low power consumption
  • Vacuum design – dust-free operation
  • Dehulling plants – husk separation and light fraction
  • Cleaning line for sowing seeds – light grain separation (eg. dried or damaged by pests)
  • Flour Mills – dividing grain to light and heavy fractions
  • Other food-processing plants
Product line JGC 03 05 08 12
Performance t/h 0,7-1,2 2,0-3,0 3,0-6,0 6,0-8,0
Length mm 1350 1580 1850 1740
Width mm 700 1020 1220 1660
Height mm 1450 1760 1760 2030
Rough sieve area 0,2 0,5 1,0 1,5
Air Consumption – exhaustion m³/h 1440 3600 7200 10800
Weight kg 360 410 470 650
Dimensions and weights mentioned without air fan. Capacities are for wheat. Material transported to JGC Concentrator has to be cleaned on sieves and by air. Amount of exhausted air is greater for heavier materials (eg legumes) and less for light materials (eg sunflowers).
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