19. 2. 2019

SIMA 2019

For the first time in its history, JK Machinery has participated in one of the key and largest international trade fairs of technologies and solutions in agriculture – SIMA 2019 in Paris.

The record attendance of exhibitors and visitors was a guarantee of satisfaction and led to the conclusion of new JK Machinery partnerships worldwide.

JK Machinery present one of its most powerful modular VibroMAX cleaners, the JCM 10222. The product is designed to clean all crops from admixtures and impurities. One of VibroMAX’s biggest competitive advantages is that their products can be modularized and customized to the specific requirements of customers.

At SIMA 2019, JK Machinery also exhibited one of its latest innovative VibroCompact series cleaner, the JCC 05. The VibroCompact JCC machines are specifically designed to clean all kinds of cereals and other crops, small seeds, poppy seeds, dried herbs, spices, tobacco or salt, see example of line for spices cleaning here.

A pleasant news for us was the enormous interest in our VibroCompact machines from Canada.

At the fair was also presented compact dehuller JHC 03, designed for cereals dehulling, such as spelt, einkorn wheat, oat, etc., The products competitive advantage lies it is low energy consumption and compact dispositions. Overall we can evaluate segment of peeling machines at SIMA as very successful. There was particularly interest in peeling oats, spelt and technical hemp. We have created many business opportunities and have prepared offers for many clients from North Africa (Morocco, Algiers, Tunisia). Effective peeling of almonds has proved to be a very promising opportunity in this region. Almond peeling has proven to be a very promising opportunity in this region.

As a bonus, JK Machinery offered its customers the possibility of functional tests in its modern “Factory Test Facility“. An indisputable advantage is the possibility to modify the equipment according to specific customer requirements.
The possibility of using the “Factory Test Facility” has become a phenomenon of our exposition. So we receive crop samples every week to assess cleansing from around the world.

We are pleased to have welcomed many of our big competitors at the JK Machinery exposition, who appreciated the technological advancement of our entire product range, which is an important award not only for our development engineers, but for entire JK Machinery.

JK Machinery’s participation at SIMA 2018 international trade fair cannot be evaluated other than positive. See you in Paris in two years!