25. 11. 2019

Written about us in the weekly FARMER: “New line cleans poppy seeds and other crops”

In the weekly of FARMER in the Region, Moravian-Silesian Region, was published article about Mr. Löwenthal’s farm, whom our company JK Machinery, s.r.o. in cooperation with company Bednar FTM supplied a line for poppy cleaning and pre-cleaning of other crops.

Petr Löwenthal’s farm is located on the border with Poland, in Krnov city. Originally, Mr and Mrs Löwenthal worked as veterinarian. Mrs. Löwenthal was inherited from her grandparents by a 37 hectare farm. Over time, it has expanded to 820 hectares of crop production. In this area they grow mainly winter wheat, winter oilseed rape, poppy seeds and sugar beet. The fields are situated at different altitudes from 240 to 400 m. They are characterized by different soil quality. Mr. Löwenthal, with three employees and his wife in charge of administration, oversees the operation of the farm.

Previously, the Löwenthal sold all crops “directly from the combine harvester”, without any post-harvest processing. For now their line for poppy seeds cleaning and other crops pre-cleaning is in operation for the second season. About 200 tonnes per year of poppy seeds go through a line, resulting a purity up to 99.9%. The performance of the post-harvest processing line is 50 t/h and cleaning of small seeds 1 t/h. The line begins with a hopper from which belt conveyors lead to a bucket elevator, from which the material goes to cleaner VibroMAX JCM 10122 with pre-cleaning aspiration JAC 05. Subsequently, the material is conveyed to three storage silos, or continues for further cleaning on the air sieve classifier JCR 08. At the end of the line is placed gravity table JGT 23, for fine cleaning. The poppy line is also used by five other farmers from the nearest surroundings. The machinery was supplied by the company JK Machinery, s.r.o., assembly was provided by Bednar FTM.

Download PDF of full article in czech language here.