7. 12. 2020 Written about us in the weekly FARMER: “Maize seed an international challenge”

In the 47th edition of FARMER, an article about one of the most widespread and most popular cereals in the world – maize/corn – was published as the topic of the week. You will read about its penetration into the African market and processing in cooperation with our African representatives of SelectSeed.

9. 10. 2020 Exhibition Agro-Expo 2020

On 30.9.-3.10. In 2020, we participated in the international exhibition Agro-Expo, which took place in Ukraine in the Kropivnickoje city in the Kirovograd region. Machines and equipment for processing agricultural crops from many countries was presented at the exhibition.

17. 12. 2019 PF 2020

We wish You happy and successful New Year.