20. 12. 2018

Line for spices cleaning in Estonia has been successfully launched

On 3rd December 2018, a unique line for spices cleaning was launched for Santa Maria company, the largest spices maker in the Baltic.

This line meets the highest food and safety standards. All the components are made of stainless steel so they are easy to disassemble and easy to clean. This solution minimizes the time for adjustment and cleaning the line, where more than 20 kinds of spices are cleaned. The line is entirely designed in explosion-proof design.

Imput material is cleaned on a specially designed JCC 08 screen cleaner that separates large and small impurities. The main cleaned fraction is aspirated in the JAA 08 aspiration channel. For destoning was used a specially modified destoner JGD 05. The aspiration air with the material is conveyed to the cyclone JVC 630, for JGD 05 destoner and to the cyclone JVC 550, for JCC 08 cleaner. Obtained material can be used in further processing. Material in a line is conveyed by pneumatic conveying, in order to transport material of different volumetric weights in the range of 40 – 650 kg / m3. All air is finally cleaned in a filtering device where 99.9% of light impurities are removed.

The new technology exceeded the customer’s expectations in terms of the capacity and the cleanliness of the final product. More photos here.