JCC Cleaners VibroCompact

JCC Cleaners VibroCompact

JCC Cleaners are designed to clean all kinds of cereals and other crops, small seeds, poppy seeds, dried herbs, spices, tobacco or salt. Product is separated based on different particle sizes (sieves cleaning) and different aerodynamic properties (air cleaning).

Cleaned material goes through a pair of vibrating sieves. Vibrations of working box are produced by a pair of vibromotors. Sieves are self-cleaning by flexible balls. Size of wire mesh is selected based on crop and types of impurities that are to be removed. Integrated aspiration channel offers optimal cleaning by removing light impurities like husks and dust at the output of machine. For exhaust and clean air coming out from aspiration channel is recommended to use a radial fan with centrifugal cyclone separator.

Simple modular construction predestinates this machine for post-harvest cleaning for smaller farms and for special purposes of sorting and sieving. It is suitable for all cases of sieving and sorting, where sorted material is often changed. It is possible to clean perfectly all parts which come into contact with the sorted material.


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  • Compact arrangement
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation, commissioning and operation
  • Easy and fast sieves exchange by one person
  • Effective sieves cleaning using flexible balls
  • Effective air cleaning of light dirt in the aspiration channel
  • Dust free operation
  • Quiet and vibration-free operation
  • Grain precleaner on the income to silos or storage facilities
  • Grain cleaner in mills and grain stores
  • Cleaners of grain and other crops in agriculture (post-harvest lines)
  • Highly effective cleaning or grading of grains and seeds
  • Sorting of different products (sugar, salt, coffee, cocoa, medicinal plants, rubber, plastics, waste, etc.)
  • Sorting and separation of impurities in the technological lines
Optional accessories can be added to the machine:
  • air precleaner (separation of dust before sieve cleaning)
  • deawner, scarifier
  • additional sieve for cleaning of shifting lower sieve
  • dust aspiration from siftings, and others
Product line JCC 03 05 08
Pre-Cleaning t/h 1,5 6 15
Industrial Cleaning t/h 1 4 10
Fine Cleaning t/h 0,5 2 5
Length mm 1170 1530 1970
Width mm 720 920 1240
Height mm 1750 1300 1560
Rough sieve area 0,3 0,8 1,9
Input Power kW 0,36 0,36 0,70
Air fan input power kW 1,5 1,5 1,5 (2,2)
Weight kg 140 220 350
Performance - Capacities are valid for wheat, bulk density 750 kg/m3, humidity max. 16%. Machine capacity for each types is changing by the humidity, content of impurities and machine adjustements.
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