12. 12. 2017

Changing the machine names of JK Machinery

In 2017, JK Machinery made a fundamental change to the nomenclature of all machines produced. The main reason was the effort to unify the nomenclature, its systematization and easier orientation in the assortment of the company for new clients and business partners.

Significant redesign and extension of JK Machinery – the large grain cleaner PVT, which the company has been working hard for several years, has quickly resulted in the obsolescence of obsolete nomenclature for newly introduced machine types and modular components. A wide range of new network cabinets, together with an unrivaled range of universally usable aspiration and discharge modules, have gained a new business designation with an emphasis on the high performance of these machines – VibroMAX, type JCM.

The type designation on the machine label JCM now clearly includes all the information about the type of machine VibroMAX, the width of the sieve box, the number of sieve compartments, the series of sieves and the number of sieves in the individual rows, as well as the type of the hopper and the selected inlet and outlet aspirations machines (see picture).

All other machines have also been given a new code mark. It is always three letters, starting with the unifying letter “J” (referring to the name of the company), followed by the type of machine in English terminology (eg C-cleaner, H-Hullers / peelers etc.) and the last letter introduces the particular machine line.


Examples of new machine names:

New name Original code mark
Cleaners VibroCompact JCC KUT
Modular Cleaners VibroMAX JCM PVT
Air-sieve Classifiers JCR KUTR
Gravity Tables JGT KPS
Destoners JGD KVOR
Gravity Concentrators JGC KVOK
Horizontal Scourers JHS KMPO
Horizontal Peeling Machines JHP KMPL
Impact Dehullers JHI KLS
Compact Dehullers JHC KMPP
Disc Dehullers JHD KDL