7. 12. 2020

Written about us in the weekly FARMER: “Maize seed an international challenge”

In the 47th edition of FARMER, an article about one of the most widespread and most popular cereals in the world – maize/corn – was published as the topic of the week. You will read about its penetration into the African market and processing in cooperation with our African representatives of SelectSeed.

The first part of the article deals with the processing of maize into sowing seeds, respectively calibration. An example is the project that JK Machinery supplied for the large international company Syngenta. The introduction explains the specific terminology of maize seed calibration by width and thickness. Drum calibrators are commonly used for this type of maize processing. However, JKM used its product line of vibrating sieve cleaners, which it structurally modified according to the client’s requirements. The line was supplied with following machines: JCM 10222, JCM 10222G calibrator and JCC 08. Furthermore, special wire sieves were developed for this project to meet required standards. Installation and local staff training was ensured by a JK Machinery specialist.

The second part of the article deals with the use of maize germ not only for feed purposes, but also for the food industry. This is a modern trend that JK Machinery is facing. A new “de-germination” technology has been developed, which includes JHI, JCM, JCC and also JGC machines. The basis of the whole process is the crushing of maize seed and subsequent separation of germs and other parts of maize grain, so up to 70% yield of germs can be achieved.

At the end of the article, a form of cooperation between clients and the company JK Machinery is mentioned, where a Factory Test Facility in the production area in Tábor is often used to test samples. The analysis of samples is performed by a team of specialists who are then able to offer tailor-made solutions.

Download PDF of full article in czech language here.